Adobe Gingerbread adds user ability to drag & drop elements, reposition in AI images

Last week, Adobe demoed its project Gingerbread. It gives people the ability to generate images through text, but also to drag and drop elements in a 3D modeled scene to reposition them.

As described in AI News, “Adobe’s Project Gingerbread [is] a groundbreaking AI tool that revolutionizes image generation with user-created 3D scene presets, interactive text prompts, custom 3D object support, integration into Adobe’s Creative Suite, and empowerment for creators, offering unparalleled control and precision in AI-assisted design.”

What’s the big deal?

The big deal is that it can frustrating sometimes to figure out how to position elements using Midjourney or other text-to-image generators. Adobe’s Gingerbread looks like a game-changer, by seamlessly integrating drag and drop capabilities into the Gingerbread platform.

Gingerbread is not yet available. But the capabilities it will offer look amazing already.

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