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How to use Photoshop AI Generative Fill to expand photo size. Mindblowing.

Adobe just released a beta version of Photoshop. It includes new AI tools drawn from its Firefly Generative AI engine. The capabilities of these AI tools are mind-blowing.

Photoshop’s generative fill can expand photographs with bigger backgrounds

For photographers, the newest and most mind-blowing feature is the ability to (re)create a larger photograph or image with the addition of AI-generated backgrounds that are seemlessly woven into the existing background.

Photographers take photographs in certain aspect ratios depending on the camera: 3:2, 4:3, 4:4, and 16:9. With Photoshop Generative Fill, these numbers are meaningless. It enables the expansion of the image file into any aspect ratio. The video above explains how to do so. It’s super easy.

Sample photo original size
New size with expanded background added by generative fill

As you can see, the Generative Fill added the expanded background so that you cannot even tell it did. All three options look perfect.

Photography will never be the same. Every photograph or image can be redesigned and reimagined using Generative Fill, or comparable AI image tools that give people the ability to expand, replace, remove, and insert elements into any image.

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