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Coca-Cola is all-in with AI art, using AI for ad about art

What’s the surest sign that a new technology will infiltrate big business?

One of the biggest brands in the world, Coca-Cola, goes all-in with AI image generators.

Coca-Cola launched new ai platform inviting people to remix company’s visuals with ai

On March 20, 2023, the company launched its own AI platform, powered with GPT-4 and DALL-E, and invited people to remix images provided by Coca-Cola.

According to the company’s press release: “Pratik Thakar, Global Head of Creative Strategy and Integrated Content for the Coca-Cola Trademark, said ‘Create Real Magic’ signals the company’s commitment to move quickly to test, learn and scale ideas using AI.” 

It’s an experiment to see where co-creation can take us,” Thakar said. “We’re moving at the speed of culture with an innovative program that’s very tangible for the creative community. ‘Create Real Magic’ gives digital artists the unique opportunity to play in a custom-created sandbox, powered by GPT-4 and DALL-E, and democratizes both our brand iconography and highest-profile advertising assets.” 

Coca-cola launches “Masterpiece” video ad created by stable diffusion and focused on immersive experience with artworks

The company also created a video AI ad, generated in part with Stable Diffusion, showing an immersive experience with depictions of famous artworks that are reimagined to be interactive:

According to Creative Bloq, the ad was created by the VFX team at Electric Theatre Collective and Blitzworks, using live action shots, digital effects and AI.

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